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    Mon. - Thurs. 8-12 13-17, Fri. 8-12 o'clock



Do you need equipment carriers, control cabinets, workshop trolleys, ex-proof neon lights or LEDs that meet particular specifications? Our metal processing department will attend to your requirements professionally and in accordance with your instructions. If required, we will transform your ideas into products that are ready for sale by completing the entire manufacturing process, including packaging and shipping, and, upon request, delivery directly to your customers. Our comprehensive solutions mean we take responsibility for dispelling all your concerns and keeping your work to a minimum. We will carry out procurement and materials planning, and assemble bought-in parts such as plastic components and rollers. Moreover, we will install electronic components and cables and carry out a functional check of your appliances. With the support of our experienced partners, we are also happy to design product packaging out of cardboard, wood and other materials, and we can even relieve you of the need for storage space by combining individual components to form sub-assemblies. Whatever the service, you can rely on BRUDER-KELLER to provide high quality solutions, and by selecting a comprehensive solution, you only require one contact and to place one order. That has the additional advantage of making the ordering process extremely simple.